Silver Resources

The Silver Resources section of this site provides a variety of information relevant to silver and silver coins, including proposed legislation, FAQ’s, coinage descriptions, and more. A brief description and links to the major silver resource sections follow:

Silver Coins Frequently Asked Questions

The Silver Coins FAQ’s resource page provides answers to commonly asked questions. Examples include descriptions of various silver coin terms, melt value information, and commemorative coin questions and answers. A common question answered in the FAQ is what circulating U.S. coins have silver in them.

Anatomy of a Coin

The Anatomy of Silver Coins page is a resource that provides a large image which illustrates major attributes and terms used to describe silvers coins — really, all coins for that matter. These are items that would be common to hear at coin shows or from other coin collectors. For example, numismatists do not generally use heads or tails to describe the front and back of a coin, but instead describe them as the coin’s obverse and reverse. The silver coin image points this out, and arrows to specific locations on a coin, such as its field, relief, motto, legend, rim, edge and portrait.

Mint Map & Links

Another simple but useful resource is the Government Coin Mints page. It provides a large Google world map with balloons located at specific world government mints. Clicking on the balloon pops up a short description of the mint with its contact information as well as a link to visit its website.

U.S. Coin Legislation

The Coin Bills resource page provides the latest legislation which has been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives or the U.S. Senate. All the bills regard commemoratives — silver coins, gold coins and clad coins. The resource lists the bills by name, number and provides key action dates such as when a piece of legislation passed or was signed into law by the President. More information is available by clicking one of the links, which launches sister site and provides the actual text of a specific piece of coin legislation.

Silver Element Described

The resource "The Element Silver" offers silver information and its basic history. Much of the page is rather technical in terms, such as the visual representation of silver’s atomic structure and a full listing of silver’s physical properties.

Historical Silver Prices

The Historical Silver Prices resource page shows high and low silver prices through the last 10 years. Specifically, the first section does not show U.S. futures prices, but instead of the London silver fixings. New York futures closing prices are then offered via historical silver price charts for ranges like 30-days, 60-days, 1 year, 5 years and 10 years.

World Currency Converter

Finally, there is also a World Currency Converter. This is another simple tool which offers conversions for more than 160 currencies and 3 precious metals. The tool provides an interface to enter an amount, a specific date (defaulted to the current date) and then selection boxes to choose which currency to convert.