2010 Boy Scouts Proof Silver Dollar Coins Sold Out

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2010 Boy Scouts of America Proof Silver Dollars, as expected but longer than most would have thought given their blistering start, have sold out with customers now being asked by the United States Mint to join a standby or "waiting list" if they are still interested in buying.

2010 Boy Scouts of America Centennial Silver Dollar Proof (Click to Enlarge)

2010 Boy Scouts of America Centennial Silver Dollar Proof (Click to Enlarge)

The commemorative silver dollars celebrate the centennial founding of the Boy Scouts of America and were launched on March 23, 2010. The most recent U.S. Mint silver coins sales indicate 105,000 of the uncirculated options were sold, leaving the proofs now at or a bit above 245,000. The Mint is authorized by law to produce and sell a maximum of 350,000.

Initial order levels for the commemoratives proved to be robust. Sales hit 200,000 in less than one week for 57.1% of the allotted total. They were fiery for many days more, but soon declined to several thousand sold each week as most people who wanted them placed orders early. The decline was somewhat of a surprise, with many initially expecting a sell out many weeks ago. Based on the current sales spreads, final mintages will reflect a 70/30 proof to uncirculated split.

By giving customers an option to join a waiting list, the Mint is able to sell the maximum amount of coins as it can continually make adjustments as it takes into account cancellations, returns, etc. This process has become somewhat standard with past commemorative sell outs, like the Abraham Lincoln Silver Dollars from 2009. And most recently, when the inventory of uncirculated Boy Scouts silver coins was depleted back in April 2010.

"The number of orders we have taken meets the maximum limit for the 2010 Boy Scouts of America Centennial Proof Silver Dollar," the Mint states on the proof BSA coin product page. "You may still place an order for this product, which will go on a waiting list. If a product becomes available due to an order cancellation, we will fulfill orders from the waiting list on a first-come, first-serve basis. We cannot provide information about your position on the waiting list."

The waiting list option is usually available for several days, but less than one week. Demand is the largest driving factor for how long it will remain. The list option for the proof coin was added during the afternoon on Friday, June 18.

When it is removed, the single remaining 2010 commemorative available will be the American Veterans Disabled for Life Silver Dollar. Current stats show 207,502 of the maximum 350,000 are gone — 144,302 of the proof and 63,200 of the uncirculated. Next year the Mint releases the 2011 United States Army Commemorative Coins and the 2011 Medal of Honor Commemorative Coin.

Each Boy Scouts of American silver dollar is struck from 90% silver and 10% copper to a diameter of 1.5 inches. The obverse or heads side features three members of the scouting organization in full uniform giving a salute. The reverse or tails side depicts the Boy Scouts universal emblem.

Pricing for the proof silver coin is $43.95. For those interesting in the standby list, visit the Mint page here or call their toll free number at 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

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