2013 Forever Love Silver Proof Coin Debuts

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The Perth Mint of Australia has released a one-half ounce 2013 Forever Love Silver Proof Coin. This new strike celebrates the concept of love with a reverse design emblematic of the romantic idea.

2013 Forever Love Silver Proof Coin

2013 Forever Love Silver Proof Coin

To represent the concept, an image of two dolphins appears on the reverse of the silver coin. The two mammals are jumping from the water below and poised in a heart-shaped motif.

"As a symbol of love, the dolphin represents the ideal qualities of friendship, loyalty, peace and harmony, with the ocean embodying depth of feeling and eternity," notes Makeila Ellis of the Perth Mint. "Featuring a stunning design, the 2013 Forever Love coin is the perfect gift for loved ones."

Dolphins are widely considered the most intelligent of all marine mammals and are known for their nurturing and caring nature. They care for injured members of their pod and have even been seen protecting humans from shark attacks. Dolphins are typically very social. They are often seen swimming and jumping alongside boats, an action regarded as a sign of good fortune by many mariners.

Forever Love Silver Coin Designs and Specifications

2013 Forever Love Silver Coin in Case

2013 Forever Love Silver Coin in Case

Shown on the reverse of the 2013 Forever Love Silver Proof Coin is the image of two dolphins. The two are poised in mid-jump in a heart motif. Behind them is the colored image of a sunset over the ocean.

Inscribed below the design is "FOREVER LOVE" with "1/2 OZ 999 SILVER" inscribed above. To the left, is the Perth Mint’s historic ‘P’ mint mark. Perth Mint artist Aleysha Howarth designed the reverse.

The obverse contains Ian Rank-Broadley’s effigy of Queen Elizabeth II. Surrounding the portrait are the inscriptions "QUEEN ELIZABETH II," "2013" "50 CENTS" and "TUVALU." These silver coins are legal tender of the island nation of Tuvalu with a face value of 50 cents.

Each strike features a diameter of 36.60 mm, a thickness of 2.30 mm and a gross weight of 15.591 grams.

Every 2013 Forever Love Silver Proof Coin is within a black presentation case and includes a numbered certificate of authenticity. That certificate indicated the limited 7,500 mintage. An illustrated shipper is also included with each order.

Currently priced at AUS $61.30, or US $64.51, the silver coin is available directly from The Perth Mint website at www.perthmint.com.au.

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