2013 Summer Silver Proof Square Coin Begins Australian Seasons Series

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A new series of coins is debuting from the Perth Mint of Australia with its recent release of the 2013 Summer Silver Proof Square Coin.

2013 Australian Summer Silver Proof Square Coin

2013 Australian Summer Silver Proof Square Coin is the first of four release within The Perth Mint’s Australian Seasons coins series

This one ounce coin appears as the first of four new issues from the Perth Mint’s Australian Seasons coins series. As can be inferred, future strikes of the series will depict the three remaining seasons of the year — Spring, Winter and Autumn.

The unique shape of the coin, square, may attract the interest of collectors. In addition, the colored reverse image as well as the limited mintage of 5,000 enhances the coin’s desirability for many.

2013 Summer Silver Proof Square Coin Designs and Specifications

Silver coins from the new Australian Seasons series are each struck to a square shape of 33.20 mm by 33.20 mm with a maximum thickness of 4.00 mm.

The coins are each composed of one ounce of 99.9% pure silver. This gives the strike a minimum gross weight of 31.135 grams.

Shown on the reverse of the first coin is a colored image emblematic of the season of summer. In Australia, summer occurs during the months of December, January and February.

It is depicted on the coin with the image of a Red Kangaroo bouncing against a background of an Australian beach scene. Inscribed at the top of the design is "SUMMER" with "1 oz 999 SILVER" to the right. Also seen on the reverse is the Perth Mint’s mint mark of ‘P’.

These silvers coins are struck as legal tender of Australia with a face value of AUD $1. That face value is indicated on the obverse with an inscription of "1 DOLLAR," which joins the inscriptions of "ELIZABETH II," "AUSTRALIA" and "2013" surrounding the Ian Rank-Broadley portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

Order Details

The Perth Mint of Australia places each coin in a presentation case and includes a customized shipper and a numbered certificate of authenticity. Pricing of the square coin is listed at AUD $97.27, or US $101.03, but is subject to change.

The 2013 Summer Silver Proof Square Coin is available to order from around the world at The Perth Mint website.

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