2015 $20 Superman Silver Coins for Collectors

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Three new Superman silver coins are selling faster than a speeding locomotive. Well, not quite, but they are nearly all gone with over 90% sold since their public release this week. Each coin features a different colored image of Superman taken from an iconic classic comic book cover.

2015 $20 Superman Silver Coins

[Shown: Collectible 2015 $20 Superman Silver Coins]

These Superman Comic Book Cover Silver Coins for collectors are composed of one ounce of silver in 99.99% purity. They are available individually or as part of a three-coin subscription.

"From the moment Superman first appeared in 1938, comic book covers have played a key role in telling his story," promotes the Royal Canadian Mint on its website. "Millions of readers and moviegoers have been captivated by his adventures. It is a storyline so compelling that after 75 years, special anniversary issues and the Mint’s coins in 2013 were snatched up with superhuman speed!"

The individual Superman coins showcase these classic comic book covers on their reverse (tails) side:

  • ACTION COMICS #1 – as seen on Superman Action Comics #1 released in 2011, shows a colored image of the superhero as he takes flight to escape from the authorities of Metropolis.

  • SUPERMAN UNCHAINED #2 – first appearing on Superman Unchained #2, which was issued in 2013 and shows Superman battling a corrupt military force.

  • SUPERMAN #28 – taken from Superman #28 comic book issued in 2014 and depicts a colored Superman in his Kryptonian battle armor as he lifts the comic book title aided by his heat vision and super strength.

Inscriptions on the reverse include CANADA, 2015 and the legal tender face value of 20 DOLLARS. These are placed in concentric circles surrounding the design.

"Advanced engraving techniques are used to frame the image within a series of concentric circles to create added depth and motion to the design," the Royal Canadian Mint describes.

All three coins offer the same obverse (heads side) effigy of Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt. Inscriptions include ELIZABETH II and D G REGINA.


The iconic Superman comic book cover silver coins may be ordered individually for CAD $109.95 (~US $88) by visiting the Royal Canadian Mint website at www.mint.ca. You may also use this affiliate link to be taken directly to the Mint’s new releases page.

A three-coin subscription may also be purchased with one coin shipping each month for three months. Mintage limits for each coin is 10,000.

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