2017 Congratulations Set Unavailable in Minutes

Collectors’ first chance at a 2017-S Proof American Eagle Silver Coin ended swiftly. The special coin from the San Francisco Mint debuted today in the 2017 Congratulations Set, and the set’s status turned to unavailable within 5 minutes of its release.

2017 Congratulations Set Packaging

[Shown: Front, center and back of the 2017 Congratulations Set]

The 2017 Congratulations Set has a product limit of 75,000. Last year’s set, by-the-way, is still available. It includes the standard 2016-W Proof American Silver Eagle. The set is mint-to-order and has a lackadaisical current sales total of 2,374.

The 2017-S and 2017-W Proof American Silver Eagles look the same, with the only difference being their reverse mint mark of either "S" for the San Francisco Mint or "W" for the West Point Mint.

Expect the regular 2017-W to remain available well into the future — likely into next year. The U.S. Mint strikes these to demand with over 233,000 sold since its release on March 23. Last year’s version is still for sale by itself and within sets. More than 650,000 have been claimed.

Buyers will get a second chance at the special 2017-S proof when it is included in the 2017 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set — its release date, price and limit remains unknown. It will cost more. Last year’s edition, which has current sales of 39,166, is limited to 50,000 and costs $139.95.

There is a small chance to get a 2017 Congratulations Set after customer cancellation, returns and problem orders are processed. The U.S. Mint’s product page for it has a "Remind Me" button to sign-up in the event that any are freed up.

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