Austrian 2011 5€ Land of Forests Silver Coin Available

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The Austrian Mint joins in the United Nations 2011 "Year of the Forests" celebration with the recent release of the 2011 5€ Land of Forests Silver Coin.

Austrian 2011 5 Euro Land of Forests Silver Coin

Austrian 2011 5 Euro Land of Forests Silver Coin

Established by the United Nations General Assembly, the Year of the Forests seeks to "raise awareness on sustainable management, conservation and sustainable development of all types of forests." To that end, worldwide events have been organized to promote the concept of forest management and the benefits that forests provide.

At the most basic level, humans are dependent upon the forests of the world for their survival. Trees use a process known as photosynthesis to convert carbon dioxide taken from the air into oxygen which all manner of creatures need to survive. Humans also partake of the many other benefits provided by the forests such as wood and a multitude of recreational activities.

Recognizing the importance of the celebration and its central message, the Austrian Mint struck this nine-sided Land of Forests Silver Coin to showcase the flora and fauna one may attribute to a forested region along the Danube River of the country. At the heart of the design on the reverse is a large red buck deer with its head raised making its antlers almost appearing as if to touch its back.

Surrounding the deer are a number of trees, a flowing river, wildflowers and even a few mushrooms. Inscribed across the top is "Land der Waelder" which translates to Land of Forests. At the bottom is the year of minting, 2011.

The obverse of the strike includes the standard 5-Euro design with the denomination surrounded by the shields of the nine federal provinces of Austria. Inscribed as well on the obverse are "Republik Oesterreich" and "Euro."

Each of these coins are struck from 80% silver to a diameter of 28.50mm with a total weight of 8.0g. The Austrian Mint will strike a maximum of 50,000 of the coins to brilliant uncirculated condition and each ships in vacuum sealed blister pack on an illustrated presentation card.

About the Austrian Mint

The Austrian Mint ( is located in Vienna and is the official minting authority for Austria dating back 800 years.

All Austrian Euro and Cent coins are struck at this facility no matter if they are intended for commerce or numismatic purposes. In its past, the Austrian Mint was responsible for striking other coins of Austria such as Schillings, Groschens, Crowns, Guilders and Ducats.

The Mint is located in the Biedermeier building of Vienna erected under Emperor Ferdinand I from 1835 to 1837.

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