Final Sales of 2013 American Silver Eagle West Point Two-Coin Set

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The United States Mint has provided a final unaudited sales total for the 2013 American Silver Eagle West Point Two-Coin Set.

2013 American Silver Eagle Two-Coin Set from West Point

2013 American Silver Eagle Two-Coin Set from West Point

According to a comparison of that total and the last "odometer" sales reading published by the US Mint shortly after the sets went off sale, a significant percentage of the original orders were either canceled or returned. This is not altogether uncommon. However, the percentage discrepancy in this case bears some review.

First, the 2013-W Silver Eagle Set was released for sale to the public on May 9, 2013 and was available for ordering during a four-week window. Included as part of the set were one reverse proof American Silver Eagle and one enhanced uncirculated American Silver Eagle — both struck at the US Mint’s facility in West Point and both available only as part of this specific release.

Initial interest and demand was extremely high with 149,622 ordered in the first 24 hours. Unit sales quickly waned from there, as typical, and as evidenced by the last number offered minutes after ordering closed down on June 6. The final tally shown on a "sales odometer" placed on the coin’s product page indicated 281,310 were purchased. (See the day-by-day sales breakdown.)

That relatively high number may have forced collectors to question the eventual rarity of the set, perhaps leading some to either reduce or cancel their purchases. In addition, shipping delays caused by custom packaging materials made overseas also offered many collectors additional time to cancel. In fact, the last of the ordered sets were not mailed until over three months after the original sales had ended.

In the end, the US Mint indicates an unaudited sales total of 235,689 for the 2013 American Silver Eagle West Point Two-Coin Set.

Comparing that number to the final sales total indicated by the Mint shortly after ordering closed shows a drop of over 16%, or minus 45,621 units.

For comparison, last year’s 2012 American Silver Eagle Two Coin Set had a 10.5% drop from its final sales odometer reading to the final unaudited sales of 224,981. That set also had a contributing factor to help explain the difference. During its sales window, many collectors believed the two silver coins in the set were exclusive to it. They later discovered one of the coins would also be featured in another product.

Whatever the reason for the larger difference of the 2013 American Silver Eagle West Point Two-Coin Set, those who kept their purchases will be happier with the more limited mintage.

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