San Francisco 2011 Silver Eagle Coins Minted

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2011 American Silver Eagle Bullion Coin

American Silver Eagle Bullion Coins have once again been struck at the United States Mint facility in San Francisco, a responsibility that had been reserved solely for the West Point Mint during the last decade.

The United States Mint announced the news in a press statement on Thursday, May 27, 2011 and said the change was precipitated by continued unprecedented demand levels for Silver Eagles. The bullion silver coins have been breaking monthly sales records since 2008 as investors have been eyeing the strikes during a questionable economy. Silver Eagle demand has been so intense that the United States Mint is rationing their distribution.

As a recap, last year’s bullion American Silver Eagles broke the all-time annual record when 34,662,500 were sold. The level smashed the previous annual record set just one year earlier by well over 5 million. Demand remains intense for the Silver Eagle coins in 2011 as well. The last reported sales indicated 18,247,000 coins sold, with nearly 3 million for May alone. It took until the first part of July for the United States Mint to record that many sales last year. 2011 is easily on pace for the new annual record.

The San Francisco Mint is no stranger to Silver Eagle production. The coins were produced in both San Francisco and West Point from 1989 to 2000 before the United States Mint shifted responsibility for the strikes solely to West Point in 2001.

The United States Mint does not offer bullion coins directly to the public as it does with numismatic products. Bullion silver coins are sold in bulk to a network of 12 authorized purchasers who resell them in smaller quantities for modest premiums over the current spot price of silver.

All orders for bullion 2011 Silver Eagle coins will be fulfilled from West Point or San Francisco effective on May 31, 2011. The bullion strikes will be identical, including the absence of any mint mark which is standard practice for bullion products from the United States Mint.

Collector proof and uncirculated 2011 American Silver Eagle coins are expected out later this year. The 2011 proof is scheduled to launch June 30. The 2011 uncirculated coin does not yet have a published release date. These coins are produced at West Point and feature the denoting "W" mint mark.

West Point is also responsible this year for producing the proof versions of both the 2011 U.S. Army $5 Gold Coins and 2011 Medal of Honor $5 Gold Coins as well as up to 2 million September 11th Silver Medals.


3 Responses to “San Francisco 2011 Silver Eagle Coins Minted”
  1. Clay Bingham says:

    I wish that we could 1) get a estimate of the price for the proof silver eagle 2) why is the distribution limited to 12 and finally by the time the coins reach the public the price is almost 6-7 dollars over spot. Individuals should be allowed to order proofs. If the government would look out for the smaller investors the quantity will take care of itself. A wise man said look after the penny and the dollar will look after itself.

  2. Clay Bingham says:

    I think no matter where the coin is minted it should bear the mark of its mint location. Numismatic values in years to come will make a difference.

  3. Keith says:

    Agree with you Clay. The only “proof” that you have a San Francisco minted 2011 Eagle (outside of the no longer available 25th Anniversary Set) is to have a graded coin sent to you.

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