U.S. Army Silver Dollar Proof and Uncirculated Coins Released

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The 2011 U.S. Army Silver Dollar Commemorative Coins in proof and uncirculated qualities are now available from the United States Mint for respective introductory prices of $54.95 and $49.95.

US Army Silver Dollar Proof and Uncirculated Coins

US Army Silver Dollar Proof and Uncirculated Coins

The silver dollars, which honor the founding of the U.S. Army in 1775, were released by the Mint today, January 31, 2011, at noon ET. If they are not sold out by March 2 at 5:00 p.m. ET, the cost of the two silver coins will increase by $5 each.

The Army Silver Dollars have a mintage cap of 500,000, with collector demand mostly determining how the splits will occur between the proof and uncirculated versions. Each silver dollar is composed of 90% silver, or 0.773 troy ounces, giving them an intrinsic value of $21.66 at a silver spot price of $28 an ounce.

The commemorative proof and uncirculated coins may be purchased directly from the United States Mint website or via its toll free phone line at at 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468). There are no per household order limits in place, and the Mint indicates that it will begin shipping orders on February 28, 2011.

$10 surcharges for each sale of the coin will go to the Army Historical Foundation to support the construction of the National Museum of the United States Army at Fort Belvoir, Virginia.

Collectors may also be interested in the $5 gold and 50c clad versions of the commemorative coins. Information on those may be found on the US Mint website or the previous SilverCoinsToday article discussing each of the gold, silver and clad coin designs and their line art images.

The obverse or heads side of each silver dollar features the busts of a male and female soldier which is meant to symbolize the "worldwide deployment of the 21st century U.S. Army." It was designed by Richard Masters and engraved by Michael Gaudioso. Inscriptions include LIBERTY, IN GOD WE TRUST and 2011.

The reverse or tails side features the Great Seal of the United States, which is worn on uniforms today and since the early 1800’s. It depicts the seven core values of the branch. The design was engraved by Don Everhart. Inscriptions include UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, E PLURIBUS UNUM, U.S. ARMY, ONE DOLLAR, and the seven core values of LOYALTY, DUTY, RESPECT, SELFLESS SERVICE, HONOR, and INTEGRITY. The reverse also bears the mint mark denoting the Mint facility where the coins were produced. The proofs were made in Philadelphia and the uncirculated options were minted in San Francisco.

The U.S. Army Silver Dollar represents the first commemorative issue in 2011. On February 25, 2011, the United States Mint will launch the second and last commemorative coins of the year which includes the Medal of Honor Silver Dollar.


2 Responses to “U.S. Army Silver Dollar Proof and Uncirculated Coins Released”
  1. John Stiebitz says:

    Can’t the Mint come up with better designs. Same old boring crap. No disrespect to the Military. God bless you Guys and Gals.

  2. john marino says:

    I like the army too but this coin is just homely.

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