UFWC Releases Prototype Eco-Coin in Ecosilver

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The organizers of the United Future World Currency (UFWC) have launched the world’s first ever "eco-coin" at this year’s World Money Fair.

United Future World Currency 2011 Eco-Coin

The United Future World Currency's first ever eco-coin has the same coin specifications as the Britannia silver bullion coin issued by the UK Royal Mint. It is struck in ecosilver. Ecosilver is made with a new process that utilizes scrap metals more responsibly which creates a bullion product with less waste and energy. This eco-coin is composed of .958 fine silver, weighs 32.45 grams and has a diameter of 40 mm.

An example of the coin was presented to World Money Fair President Hans-Henning Göhrum and lifetime President Mr. Albert Beck on the occasion of the Fair’s 40th anniversary.

This year’s activities took place in Berlin from January 28-30, 2011,  at the Estrel Convention Centre.

At a ceremony attended by the organizers of the UFWC along with representatives of the Royal Mint, the Royal Dutch Mint, the Casa de Real, the Italian State Mint, as well as representatives from Cookson Precious Metals, producers of the ecosilver metal, both the current and lifetime presidents of the World Money Fair were each presented with one of the UFWC’s latest prototype eco-coins minted by the founder of the UFWC, Dr. Sandro Sassoli.

The ceremony was filmed by Italian and German TV and also attended by representatives from several numismatic publications including Krause publications, Coin News, UK, Monnaie Magazine, Muenzen Revue and Coin World.

This is the first one ounce prototype coin authorized by the United Future World Currency, the first ever  coin to be minted in ecosilver and is the first coin to carry the designated "2" numeral proposed denomination. The coin was minted at the Royal Mint in the United Kingdom, struck to the exact specifications as the prestigious "Britannia" silver bullion coin. A total of just 100 examples were struck to proof quality.

Mr. Beck expressed his delight at receiving the coin, commenting that he supported the United Future World Currency initiative and wishes the project continued success. During the ceremony, Dr. Sassoli commented that the coin was minted to prompt the numismatic industry’s part in sourcing responsibly refined metals which are less harmful to the environment, for both circulation and commemorative coins.

The coin authorized by the UFWC is the first coin ever to be minted using the ecosilver  product which is presently being marketed by Cookson Precious metals, refiners of the ecometal range. The reverse carries the distinctive ecosilver  logo which can be seen just below the year "2011."

A second coin was simultaneously struck at the Italian State Mint, produced out of previously used Italian lire coinage. This golden colored coin was issued to mark the upcoming EXPO’ Milan world fair in 2015. The reverse design carries the commemorative inscription as well as the internationally recognized recycled insignia, denoting the recycled content of the specially authorized prototype coin.

About United Future World Currency

The United Future World Currency (UFWC) was set up in 1996 as the initiative of Dr. Sandro Sassoli who has
been the driving force behind the idea of this project for more than 15 years. The UFWC project originally began with the patenting of the trademark "EURODOLLAR" by Dr. Sassoli before the formation of the European Union’s single currency, the EURO in 1997. The UFWC has struck previous coins for the "Continents series" in Europe, (Royal Belgian Mint, 2009) Central America, (Casa de Moneda, Mexico) In 2011, the next coin in the series will be struck in Australia.

Today the United Future World Currency project represents the interests of many nations, governments and institutions all over the world. Numerous high-profile personalities & celebrities including prominent Heads of State are promoting our project worldwide and, above all, countless young people have joined us through over 1000 schools worldwide, in an effort to bring this idea to fruition in the future, for their future.


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  1. I guess if you mint the new coins by confiscating gold and silver from evil capitalists, the intelligentsia would be more than happy to adorn it with the label eco-silver.

    As for me, I think I will concentrate on preserving old coins … until the revenuer comes to confiscate my stash.

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