US Mint Intrinsic Silver Coin Values, 90% Silver Coins

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90% Silver Coins Silver prices topped $17 an ounce, reaching 2009 highs during the third week of September. But even better for those with silver holdings, prices have jumped by more than $6 an ounce this year.

With that, it is only natural to pull out the silver bars, rounds and old 90% silver coins to calculate how much they are now worth.

Silver Coins Today has tables of coin silver values and coin melt calculators for just the occasion, making the process simplistic. For conversation purposes and a quick reference, here are older US silver coin melt values based on Friday’s London Silver price of $17.11 an ounce.

Old US Intrinsic Silver Coin Values

Silver Coin Types Year of Issue Coin Face Values Silver Coin Values
Jefferson War Nickel
Mercury Dime
Roosevelt Dime
Washington Quarter
Walking Liberty Half Dollar
Franklin Half Dollar
Kennedy Half Dollar
Kennedy Half Dollar
Morgan Dollar
Peace Dollar
Eisenhower Dollar (40%)
Silver Eagle (1 oz)


It’s intriguing to think about how a 1964 Washington quarter is now worth $3.09 in silver alone.

Prices are up with silver’s climb, naturally. So is the buying/selling activity of silver coins on the secondary market. As an example, a search on eBay with the keywords "90% Silver Coins" currently shows more than 580 active listings.

Even modern, as in 2009, collector coins have increased substantially in value (at least intrinsically) as a result of silver’s rise. On sister site CoinNews, we wrote about this recently in an article entitled US Mint Silver Coin Melt Values Soar. The introduction started with:

"While it would be foolish to purchase commemorative and other collector coins and sets for their intrinsic value ("melt value"), it can be quite interesting to calculate the price of silver within said coins to see how their intrinsic values change."

All too true. Using the Silver Coins Today page Silver Coins: Prices & Sales, the following table was produced to highlight how much collector coin melt values have increased this year as a result of soaring silver prices.

US Mint 2009 Silver Coins and Sets Intrinsic Values

  Issue Date Intro Price Final Price London Silver Price on Issue Date Total Silver Included (troy oz) Melt Value on Issue Date Melt Value on Sept. 17 Melt Value Increase
Lincoln Silver Dollar – Uncirculated Feb. 12 $31.95 $33.95 $13.34 0.773 $10.32 $13.23 $2.91
Lincoln Silver Dollar – Proof Feb. 12 $37.95 $41.95 $13.34 0.773 $10.32 $13.23 $2.91
Quarters Silver Proof Set Mar. 23 n/a $29.95 $13.76 0.868 $14.93 $18.57 $3.64
Braille Silver Dollar – Uncirculated Mar. 26 $31.95 $33.95 $13.60 0.773 $10.52 $13.23 $2.71
Braille Silver Dollar – Proof Mar. 26 $37.95 $41.95 $13.60 0.773 $10.52 $13.23 $2.71
2009 US Mint Silver Proof Set Jul. 17 n/a $52.95 $13.16 1.519 $19.99 $25.99 $6.00


Will silver prices continue to rise, stay put, or pull back? Now that is the question…

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