2011 Silver Eagle Proof Coin Sells Out

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Collectors can no longer look to the United States Mint for the 2011-W American Silver Eagle Proof Coin. The proof coin, which was released on June 30, 2011, sold out Tuesday, November 22, 2011.

2011 American Silver Eagle Proof Coin

2011 Silver Eagle Proof Coin

The latest United States Mint figures have their individual sales at 850,000. Combined with the 100,000 included in the 25th Anniversary American Silver Eagle Sets which sold out within hours of their October 27 launch, the mintage stands at 950,000.

Contrasted against past years — the proof Silver Eagles have been minted since 1986, this year’s mintage will go down as second highest of all-time. 2011 falls only behind the series’ debut year when the United States Mint rolled out the American Eagle coin program which also included an investment-grade bullion American Silver Eagle as well as bullion and proof American Gold Eagles.

American Silver Eagle Proof Coin Sales / Mintages

Year Sales   Year Sales
1986-S 1,446,778   1998-P 450,728
1987-S 904,732   1999-P 549,330
1988-S 557,370   2000-P 600,743
1989-S 617,694   2001-W 746,398
1990-S 695,510   2002-W 647,342
1991-S 511,924   2003-W 747,831
1992-S 498,543   2004-W 801,602
1993-P 405,913   2005-W 816,663
1994-P 372,168   2006-W 843,602
1995-P 407,822   2007-W 821,759
1995-W 30,102   2008-W 700,979
1996-P 498,293   2009 N/A
1997-P 435,350   2010-W 860,000


The sell-out was not expected. The .999 fine silver proof coin is the Mint’s most popular numismatic product, and it is traditionally around for the holiday season as collectors like to purchase them as gifts. The proof coin is a featured highlight on page 5 of the Mint’s 2011 Holiday Catalog which was delivered by snail mail to many coin collectors in recent days. Last year’s 2010-W American Silver Eagle Proof Coin only launched on November 19. Sales were brisk and its inventory of 860,000 was sold out by the end of December.

Each proof coin is struck on a specially burnished blank which results in a mirror-like background. The ‘W’ mintmark on the reverse indicates that it was produced at the United States Mint’s facility in West Point. It was not the only proof Silver Eagle produced by the Mint this year, however. Created by the United States Mint to celebrate twenty-five years since the American Silver Eagle Program launched, this year’s aforementioned 25th anniversary set also included a special reverse proof minted in Philadelphia with a ‘P’ mintmark.

In addition to the bullion version and the two proofs, the anniversary set also featured two uncirculated Eagles. The San Francisco minted 2011-S American Silver Eagle Uncirculated Coin was only within the set, but West Point’s 2011-W American Silver Eagle Uncirculated Coin is still available directly from the United States Mint (http://www.usmint.gov) for $50.95. It is the last remaining 2011-dated numismatic American Silver Eagle that has not sold out. United States Mint sales figures as of Monday, November 21, have their sales at 194,706.

The designs featured on the American Silver Eagle have been the same since 1986. The obverse depicts "Walking Liberty" which was initially created by Adolph A. Weinman for the 1916-1947 Half Dollar. The reverse features a heraldic eagle with shield by John Mercanti.

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