2013 American Silver Eagle Bullion Coins Notch Strong May Sales

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Depressed silver market conditions are not hampering bullion interest. Investors continued to purchase 2013 American Silver Eagles bullion coins last month in vast quantities.

2013 American Silver Eagle Bullion Coin

Bullion Silver Eagles reached sale of 3,458,500 last month

According to the United States Mint, a total of 3,458,500 of the one ounce, .999 fine American Silver Eagle bullion coins were ordered in May 2013. While that was a 15.4% drop from the previous month, it nonetheless still marks a significant period for sales of the bullion coins.

In point of fact, May sales were 583,500 higher than the same month last year, representing a 20.3% improvement. Also, May sales mark the twelfth best ever month for the American Silver Eagle program. The top fifteen months are shown in the table below:

Top 15 Sales Months for American Silver Eagle Bullion Coins

Rank Month Sales
1 January 2013 7,498,000
2 January 2011 6,422,000
3 January 2012 6,107,000
4 September 2011 4,460,500
5 November 2010 4,260,000
6 April 2013 4,087,000
7 December 1986 3,696,000
8 August 2011 3,679,500
9 May 2011 3,653,500
10 May 2010 3,636,500
11 January 2010 3,592,500
12 May 2013 3,458,500
13 June 2011 3,402,000
14 March 2010 3,381,000
15 February 2013 3,368,500


A quick glance at the data above indicates 2013 sales are quite strong. Of the top fifteen months shown, four of them are from this year. When one considers that May is only the fifth month, that feat is quite impressive.

The only month of 2013 not listed above is March. Sales in March should not be discounted, however, as they were 3,356,500. If the table was extended, those sales would place the month as the sixteenth best ever.

With so many record months to its credit, 2013 is already climbing its way through annual record positions. The top five best years ever, as they currently stand, are shown below. 2013 annual sales to date of 21,768,500 already places this year as the fifth best.

Top 5 Annual Sales Years for American Silver Eagles

Rank Year Annual Sales
1 2011 39,868,500
2 2010 34,662,500
3 2012 33,742,500
4 2009 28,766,500
5 2013 21,768,500*


*Sales are only for January through May 2013

Seven month still remain to improve that position. Of interest, it was not until June 27, 2011 when the United States Mint registered American Silver Eagle sales of 21.7 million. That year went on to become the best ever for the bullion coins.

Sales of America the Beautiful 5 Ounce Silver Coins

Investors’ interest in America the Beautiful 5 Ounce Silver Bullion Coins also proved exceptionally strong with pent-up demand likely a large driving factor. The silver coins had not been available since March 1 with all previous strikes sold out.

The newest 5 ounce coin honoring White Mountain National Forest just launched on May 13, 2013. In its two and a half weeks of availability, the U.S. Mint recorded a total of 25,800 sold. For the record, this is higher than the ending sales for any of the individual 2012-dated silver coins.

On-sale dates were announced late last month for the remaining 2013 coins of the series.

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