2015 Bullion Silver Eagle Coin Sales Start Near 3 Million

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Today, January 12, the United States Mint kicked off 2015 sales of its newly dated bullion American Eagle silver coin.

Stacks of American Silver Eagle bullion coins

Opening day sales of 2015 bullion American Silver Eagles hit nearly 3 million.

U.S. Mint authorized purchasers (APs) ordered 2,958,000 on opening day, which already surpasses the amount sold in December. Sales were limited by the Mint as it allocates availability to maintain supply while demand is high. The 2014-dated silver coins sold out on Dec. 24 and ended with record annual sales of over 44 million.

January is always a strong month for Silver Eagles since everyone wants those with new dates. January 2013 holds as the all-time high month with sales of 7,498,000 coins. Sales in January 2014 reached 4,775,000 coins.

Unlike the collectible proof edition that launched on January 2, the U.S. Mint does not offer bullion coins directly to the public. Intended for investors though many coin collectors also buy them, U.S. Mint bullion coins are sold through a network of APs. For Silver Eagles, the premium is $2 per coin above melt value. Bullion coins quickly make their way into the secondary market for a few dollars over spot.

All Silver Eagle coins, whether they are bullion or collectible versions, are struck in one ounce of .999 fine silver. Collectible editions carry their unique finish and a mint mark denoting where they were produced. The bullion version is made at U.S. Mint facilities in San Francisco and West Point, and does not have a mint mark. These silver coins have been produced annually since 1986.

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