2016-W Proof American Silver Eagle Slated for Release on Sept. 16

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The smooth-edged 2016-W American Eagle Silver Proof Coin is due for release on September 16, the U.S. Mint announced Monday in an online newsletter for customers.

2015-W Proof Silver Eagle Coin

More than 700,000 proof American Silver Eagles sold last year. This year’s proof is set to go on sale in September. Unlike coins of the past, it will have a smooth edge with lettering.

Normally the coins are released earlier in the year because they are so popular. Last year’s proof Silver Eagle was introduced on January 2, 2015. The collector editions for this year — both the proof and uncirculated coins — have been delayed to make changes mandated by the enactment of the FAST Act (Public Law 114-94).

Since their introduction in 1986, American Silver Eagles have had reeded edge. The Fast Act includes provisions to to change edges on any collector editions for 2016, making them smooth and adding incused lettering to denote the 30th anniversary of the first issues.

The U.S. Mint’s online schedule is yet to include release dates for the both the uncirculated and proof Silver Eagles, still showing TBD for "to be determined." That should change soon at least for the proof.

Other release information is also unavailable at this time. That includes mintage and pricing. Last year’s proof launched at $48.95 when silver was $15.71 an ounce. Silver is now trading at a two-year high near at $20.56 an ounce. If the level is maintained, it is safe to assume that this year’s proof will debut around $53.95.

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