25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Sets Shipping

November 8, 2011 by · 3 Comments 

2011 American Silver Eagle Anniversary Set

United States Mint image of the 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Set

United States Mint customer reports are emerging that 25th Anniversary American Silver Eagle Sets are beginning to ship. Customer orders are being updated by the Mint with a message: "Your order request has been shipped." These orders also include UPS tracking numbers with delivery expectations as early as Wednesday.

Buyers who were able to place early orders are now being rewarded with receiving them first, as is the Mint practice. The news is another disappointing reminder to collectors who were unable to make a purchase. All 100,000 anniversary sets sold out within five hours on October 27, with many collectors blaming the Mint for how they were rolled out and for not getting one.

The shipping schedule is earlier than expected. The United States Mint had indicated 25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Sets would begin shipping toward the end of this week, at the very earliest. Other dates offered were two weeks down and toward the end of November.

Created by the United States Mint to celebrate twenty-five years since the American Silver Eagle Program debuted in 1986, the set includes:

  • a 2011 Silver Eagle Bullion Coin — available individually based on current silver prices
  • a 2011-W Silver Eagle Proof Coin — sold individually for $58.95
  • a 2011-W Silver Eagle Uncirculated Coin — sold individually for $50.95
  • a 2011-S Silver Eagle Uncirculated Coin, and
  • a 2011-P Silver Eagle Reverse Proof Coin

The first three coins have been available individually from the United States Mint for some time. The uncirculated Eagle minted in San Francisco and the reverse proof Eagle minted in Philadelphia are unique to the set.

The United States Mint listed each set at $299.95, and imposed a per household order limit of five. Secondary market values for the anniversary sets quickly jumped to more than double the Mint’s price following the sellout. eBay eventually stepped in to halt auctions of the sets on their site, requiring that sellers first have them in their possession.


3 Responses to “25th Anniversary Silver Eagle Sets Shipping”
  1. Steve says:

    Today my set finally says in stock and reserved, my card has been charged and today is 11-15-11, it took a few weeks and I thought there is no way that I would get my one set but I did. I got my order in at 4 hours into the sale after being kicked out of the site numerous times.

  2. synoptic12 says:

    I received my sets this day of November 18, 2011. However, I noticed that the UPS online tracking bill stated 7lbs. The box which I received clearly states 6lbs. Does anyone know the reason for this?

  3. Hank says:

    American Eagle 25th Anniversary Silver Coin Set
    no where to be found on us mint web site not under sold out nowhere except on product schedule page anyone else notice this???

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