Prices Surge for 25th Anniversary American Silver Eagle Sets

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Interest in the 25th Anniversary American Silver Eagle Sets shows no signs of waning now that the United States Mint has started shipping confirmed orders to customers.

2011-P American Silver Eagle Reverse Proof Coin

One of the unique coins found within the 25th Anniversary American Silver Eagle Set, the above 2011-P American Silver Eagle Reverse Proof Coin, is selling by itself for sizable premiums

In fact, if anything, excitement and activity surrounding them may be growing as those who have them either enjoy their new procurement or ponder their values, while those who were unable to order the sets they desired originally from the Mint search secondary markets to fulfill their needs.

One such secondary market, and perhaps one of the best indicators of true market conditions for modern coins, is the online auction site eBay. While 25th Anniversary American Silver Eagle Sets are no stranger to eBay since they actually started appearing on the site days before they were even released, there has been a flood of new listings since.

A bit of background, however, is in order before we go into the details of these newer listings. First, the United States Mint created the 25th Anniversary set to mark twenty-five years since the American Eagle program debuted back in 1986. Included within it are five different Silver Eagles, three of which are routinely struck and easily attainable separately, including a 2011 American Silver Eagle Bullion Coin, a 2011-W American Silver Eagle Proof Coin and a 2011-W American Silver Eagle Uncirculated Coin.

Two of the coins were minted especially for the set. As such, these two are key strikes in the series with the second lowest mintage of any Silver Eagle to date at 100,000. Those two coins include a 2011-S American Silver Eagle Uncirculated Coin and a 2011-P American Silver Eagle Reverse Proof Coin.

25th Anniversary Set Values Continue to Rise

Recognizing the uniqueness of the set as well as the limited availability of the two strikes, interest for the collection has been astoundingly high. In the days before its actual release, sets started appearing on eBay as presales. Those presale prices averaged between $475-$600 per set, providing a tidy profit for sellers who paid the United States Mint’s issue price of $299.95.

25th Anniversary American Silver Eagle Set

25th Anniversary American Silver Eagle Set

Prices surged higher following the set’s October 27 release as fervor grew when they sold out within four and half hours. However, as a fallout of selling out, eBay began intervening and pulled most of the 25th Anniversary auctions from their site. eBay indicated that listings would once again be routinely allowed after sellers actually had the sets in their possession.

By Wednesday, November 9, orders from the United States Mint started arriving in customer’s hands which led to a bombardment of the sets on eBay, complete with unique photos of the collection to help prove they were legitimately available from the seller. Well over 500 were listed as of Friday, or more than a half percentage of the entire set’s mintage.

Recent Prices Realized as High as $875

Taking a snapshot of the successful closing auctions on eBay gives a glimpse of more details. In a single two hour period on Friday, forty-nine sets had sold. Of those, the average price was $735 per set. The best "deal" during the period was a bit lower at $710, while the high of the time-frame was $875. It should be noted that the average takes into account several listings that included multiple sets, which have higher totals but are typically better buys in the sense that the cost translates to lower per set prices.

Ungraded sets sold outside of eBay are difficult to track down as of this writing. Many coin dealers are showing the 25th Anniversary Sets as "out of stock" or in pre-order status, with yet unknown prices. One coin company, Coast to Coast Coins, is currently advertising complete sets within the U.S. Mint box at $895.00.

Individual Coins from Set as High as $449

Individual coins from the set are also being listed, most notably the two coins unique to the 25th anniversary set. Of those that sold on eBay, the 2011-S Silver Eagle Uncirculated Coin has been averaging almost $250 for a single ungraded strike. Premiums escalate much higher for single 2011-P Silver Eagle Reverse Proof Coins. Average closing prices range between $300 and $449.99. Once again, that was for single ungraded strikes.

Graded Set Prices

A few graded offerings are beginning to show up through other venues outside of eBay. The Home Shopping Network (HSN) appears to be in the upper price range. ANACS sets that are graded 69 are currently available at HSN for $1,499.95 while those graded 70 are being listed for $2,999.95.

Chattanooga Coin Inc. is offering graded sets as well. NGC certified 69 sets are available from the company for $975 while graded 70 sets are listed for $3,975.


15 Responses to “Prices Surge for 25th Anniversary American Silver Eagle Sets”
  1. Ross says:

    Amazing !!!! 2inch H 14inch L 5inch W what an awesome presentation case ! Don’t why folks are breaking the coin from the set ! It beautiful a’s a set ! Too much greed !

  2. alvaro says:

    grading for modern coins is stupid, like my local coin shop dealer said this coins should not be graded, whats the point there new coins, who cares if a coin has a flaw or two that you cant even see, thats just weird. Whats next grading underwear for flaws who cares its still the same coin. Grading is for old coins like morgan dollars.

  3. alvaro says:

    by the way i have a sneakers candy bar that seems to be perfect, will sell it for $100 if any one interested. The candy bar wraping is perfect lol . This is just retarded. Just buy the coins people not the plastic slab that doesnt have any real value in the real world.

  4. Bob says:

    About an hour ago I received the single set that I ordered. I don’t think I have ever seen as beautiful a set as this. The frustrating 2.5 hours it took to place an on-line order was well worth it!

  5. figurehead says:

    Called up a local coin dealer in the area yesterday and asked him what he would buy one set for , he said $500 , I told him to “Have a nice day”.

  6. Perrym156 says:

    I was just wondering if people still on the wait list as of 11/19 have a chance of getting their items.

  7. Greg Morrison says:

    Myself… don’t open the box

  8. synoptic12 says:


    To answer your question, we have to know if your order is in process. If so, you will receive your coins. Some dates were pushed back four times, and they still recdeived their sets. Others, whom were sent an e-mail from the U.S. Mint, stating that they were on the ‘wait list’, are now having their orders processed, with a tracking number for December 4. These are some. However, if your order states in process, regardless of the date, you are assured of obtaining the sets. It may take some time though.

  9. synoptic12 says:

    Is that you Bob G.? If so, we’re happy you received your set.

  10. John Barrera, Sr. says:

    It took me about 2 hours to order my 2 sets. I got them on Dec. 12th. The capsuls were scattered in the boxes and one of the coins even came out of the capsul. I think that when the mint employee wrapped them she/he turned the box over and slammed the box down and that’s how they came out of the coin holes. But I am still so happy that I got my 2 sets. They are “BEAUTIFUL” and the boxes are of the highest quality.

  11. John Barrera, Sr. says:

    Will the 25th anniversary silver eagles be worth more broken up or as a set. comments will be appreciated.

  12. Jim says:

    Only 100,000 Minted. The Reverse Proof and the uncirculated S Mint coin, are not sold in any other way. Even the no mint mark coin appears to be burnished, not like the bullion uncirculated coin. At least the Reverse Proof and the uncirculated S Mint coin are for he most part very scarce when you consider the number of collectors and the numbers of Silver Eagle coins made. Only the 1995 W Proof is scarcer, selling for over $20,000 in PF 70. Unless you count the 2008 W burnished Silver Eagle, with 2007 reverse. So what does that make these coins worth? $1000 each, $5000 each? only time will tell.

  13. 251,000+ sets of the 2012 75th annivarsary sets. Yes, but how many will be first strike or eaely release?????

  14. Bruce says:

    I got it 2012 as two coin San Francisco anniversary set marcanti signed. And it is NGC 70 both of them. I lovze the set.

  15. Bruce says:

    I got a proof 70 early release 5 coin 25th anniversary set for less than $1,000 fr. I love it. Eh

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