Canadian 2013 $100 Bison Silver Coin for Face Value

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A newly released 2013 $100 Bison Silver Coin from the Royal Canadian Mint appears to be at or approaching a sell out with buyers getting a perceived bargain by paying face value.

2013 $100 for $100 Bison Silver Coin

This Royal Canadian Mint image shows its new 2013 $100 for $100 Bison Silver Coin

Last week the $100 Bison silver coin kicked off a new collectible Wildlife in Motion series in which $100 denominated silver coins sell for $100. The "$100 for $100" program is reminiscent of the extremely popular "Exchange $20 for $20" series that is also from the Royal Canadian Mint. In this series, $20 denominated silver coins sell for face value.

Suggesting a sellout is in the works despite a sizable 50,000 mintage limit, Bison silver coins were first opened for pre-orders to Royal Canadian Mint Master’s Club members. Master Club members are those who have spent at least $1,000 in a year for RCM products. These members were able to order up to 3 coins. About a day later, the silver coins were made available to everyone. Very quickly, orders amounts were limited to 1 per household. Then, by Friday, online ordering was turned off with only phone orders accepted.

2013 $100 for $100 Bison Silver Coin Specifications, Designs and Ordering

Every $100 for $100 Bison Silver Coin is composed from 99.99% pure silver. They have a matte proof finish, a weight of 31.6 grams, a diameter of 40 mm and serrated edge. The melt value of one coin equates to the value of 1.016 troy ounces of silver. As a comparison for $20 for $20 buyers, the melt value of one of these coins equals the value of 0.256 troy ounces of silver.

Featured on the reverse of the 2013 $100 Bison Silver Coin is a design by Claudio D’Angelo that depicts three bison running along a Canadian prairie with foothills in the background and clouds above. Atop are inscriptions reading ‘CANADA 2013’. Below are inscriptions citing the face value of ‘100 DOLLARS.’

As is traditional, obverses have the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II as created by Susanna Blunt.

Interested collectors will find the Canadian 2013 $100 Bison Silver Coin listed online through the Mint product page located here with phone order details of 1-800-267-1871 (Canada), 1-800-268-6468 (US) and (613) 954-2626 (International).

The Royal Canadian Mint states that these coins are GST/HST/PST tax exempt, though shipping and handling charges and tax on shipping applies.

As of this writing, the Mint has not stated how many of the $100 for $100 silver coins will be released in the new Wildlife in Motion series or what creatures they will depict. In its Exchange $20 for $20 program, the following coins have been issued:

  • 2011 $20 Maple Leaf Commemorative Coin
  • 2011 $20 Canoe Commemorative Coin
  • 2012 $20 Polar Bear Commemorative Coin
  • 2012 $20 Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Commemorative Coin
  • 2012 $20 Farewell to the Penny Commemorative Coin
  • 2012 $20 Magical Reindeer Commemorative Coin
  • 2013 $20 Hockey Commemorative Coin
  • 2013 $20 Silver Wolf Commemorative Coin

For these silver coins, mintages were set at 200,000 for the first release and 250,000 for the others. All but the last one, which features a wolf, have sold out. It launched in March and is closing on a sell out with 96% sold.

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