Canadian 2014 $100 Bald Eagle Silver Coin for Face Value

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Just a couple of weeks ago the Royal Canadian Mint introduced its third $100 for $100 release with the 2014 $100 Bald Eagle Silver Coin.

Canadian 2014 $100 Bald Eagle Silver Coin

The 2014 $100 Bald Eagle Silver Coin is the third release in the series of $100 for $100 silver coins. (Royal Canadian Mint image.)

Featuring a bald eagle in flight with a surrounding Canadian landscape of hills, trees and water, this newest collector coin not only has a face value of $100 but it is sold for $100 — it is also GST/HST/PST tax exempt.

Like the Mint’s similar $20 for $20 silver coins, this new series has become extremely popular with the prior two coins depicting a grizzly and bison selling out. And like those issues, the latest coin has a maximum mintage of 50,000.

Struck in 99.99% pure silver to proof quality, each 2014 $100 Bald Eagle Silver Coin has a weight of 31.6 grams, a diameter of 40 mm and a serrated edge. Using the latest silver spot of $21.88 an ounce, these silver coins each have an intrinsic or silver melt value of about $22.23.

Also like the past two issues, the reverse designer is Claudio D’Angelo. Atop the bald eagle and its spread wings are inscriptions ‘CANADA’ and the coin’s date of 2014. Below the bird of prey is the coin’s face value of ‘100 DOLLARS’. Finally, D’Angelo’s initials of ‘CD’ are to the right of the bald eagle.

Traditional to Canadian coinage, obverses feature Susanna Blunt’s portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. Surrounding Her Majesty are inscriptions reading: ‘ELIZABETH II’ and ‘D.G. REGINA’.

Found on the coin’s product page are 47 reviews giving it a rating of 4.6 stars out of 5. Top pro ratings note that the coin is attractive (39), a good value (39) and of great quality (36). In the cons section there are three people who did not like the quality.

Ordering online at is currently not an option with the product page saying: "Awaiting Stock." It is listed as available at the Mint’s local shops in Ottawa, Vancouver and Winnipeg. The product page also indicates there is a 3 per household ordering limit.

Following this release is the 2014 $100 Big Horned Sheep Silver Coin that is expected to launch in July.

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