Franklin D. Roosevelt Stamps, Coins and Silver Medal in Set

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At noon ET on Monday, December 22, the U.S. Mint’s 2014 Franklin D. Roosevelt Coin & Chronicles Set goes on sale.

2014 Franklin D. Roosevelt Coin and Chronicles Set

[Shown: U.S. Mint image of its 2014 Franklin D. Roosevelt Coin and Chronicles Set]

This collectible product includes four stamps, two coins and two medals (one in silver) that are displayed within a tri-fold folder. The variety of items and the popularity of former president Franklin D. Roosevelt widen the audience of those who may want to get this set.

At $57.95 and limited to 20,000 sets, it could sell out. Last year’s Coin and Chronicles Set which had coins and medals featuring Theodore Roosevelt was the same price and reached sales of 15,144. It had one less coin and no stamps.

  • One proof 2014 Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential $1 Coin.
  • One proof 2014 Roosevelt dime.
  • One Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Medal struck in .999 fine silver.
  • One 1 5/16" Franklin D. Roosevelt Bronze Medal.

The silver medal is struck from blanks that are used for the Mint’s flagship product, the American Silver Eagle.

Coins of the set are the same as issued in previous U.S. Mint products for 2014, like the Proof Set. The medals are unique, sharing designs that were created for the Mint’s Presidential medal of Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1945.

Obverses have his portrait with inscriptions FRANKLIN DELANO ROOSEVELT. Reverses feature a seated figure, representing a sorrowing Nation, dropping a wreath upon the waters. A ship symbolizing the spirit of the late President, sails into the distant mist. Inscriptions include INAUGURATED PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, the date of his death, APRIL 12, 1945, and FOR COUNTRY and HUMANITY, indicating the President’s labors for all mankind.

FDR’s popularity, typically ranking second or third among all presidents in polls or surveys, makes him a natural choice for placement on stamps. Moreover, Roosevelt was a serious stamp collector. U.S. postage stamps in the set include:

  • The 1-cent Roosevelt stamp "Hyde Park" depicts his beloved New York home.
  • The 2-cent Roosevelt stamp "Little White House" pays tribute to the president’s frequent and favorite retreat, located in Warm Springs, Georgia.
  • The 3-cent Roosevelt stamp "White House" features a picturesque image of the White House in the background.
  • The 5-cent Roosevelt stamp "Four Freedoms" shows a globe inscribed with his famous four freedoms: "Freedom of Speech and Religion, from Want and Fear."

There’s also a booklet in the set with information and images that chronicle the life of FDR.

Order the 2014 Franklin D. Roosevelt Coin & Chronicles Set on the United States Mint website, with a link to it right here.

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