Inaugural Sales for Bicentennial Silver Dollar Set, El Yunque Silver Coins

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Star-Spangled Banner Bicentennial Silver Dollar Set

Star-Spangled Banner Bicentennial Silver Dollar Set

Inaugural U.S. Mint sales for the 2012 Star-Spangled Banner Bicentennial Silver Dollar Set and 2012 El Yunque National Forest 5 Ounce Silver Coins appear on this week’s report, with the winner being the set. The majority of attention, however, went to the Proof Silver Eagle.

Collectors scooped up 9,527 of the 2012 Proof Silver Eagles during their seventh full week of availability. They were released on April 12 and by June 4, the number purchased hit 404,985.

The Star-Spangled Banner Bicentennial Silver Dollar Set was the second biggest seller, debuting on Friday, June 1. Working over the weekend, the U.S. Mint managed to process 9,430 orders by Monday. Each set is priced $53.95 and contains one proof Star-Spangled Banner Silver Dollar, the same as the ones being sold individually for $54.95. But the Bicentennial Silver Dollar Set also includes a reproduction of a Francis Scott Key manuscript, the lyrics to the "Star-Spangled Banner," and additional information about the U.S. national anthem. It comes packaged within a colorful folder depicting a battle scene of U.S. forces against the British at Fort McHenry.

In third place among numismatic silver product sales was the El Yunque 5 Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin. Being higher priced, at $204.95 each, and opening the day after a national holiday, the El Yunque silver coin came out of the gate with 6,514 in sales. The start was not as pretty as that of earlier strikes and was the lowest in the series. Back in February, the Chickasaw version opened with 8,658 and in January, the Vicksburg strike began with 7,861.

Also fresh on the sales charts this week is the investment-grade 2012-P El Yunque National Forest 5 Ounce Silver Bullion Coin. 5,400 were picked up by the U.S. Mint’s Authorized Purchasers during May and another 800 since then. Bullion Silver Eagles closed out May with 2,875,000 and so far they have started June with 190,000.

The new releases had a positive impact on the weekly sales of many other silver offerings, including all of the five ounce silver coins. Eleven products outperformed their prior week’s performance.

The following are the latest United States Mint coin sales:

US Mint Sales: Silver Coins and Sets for Collectors

  Previous Sales New Sales Unit Increase % Increase Mintage Limit
2012-W Proof Silver Eagle Coins 395,458 404,985  9,527 2.41% none
Proof Star-Spangled Banner Silver Dollars 88,651 90,174 1,523 1.72% 500,000*
Uncirculated Star-Spangled Banner Silver Dollars 33,677 34,235 558 1.66%
Star-Spangled Banner Two-Coin Set 8,783 8,783 –   0.00%
Star-Spangled Banner Bicentennial Silver Set   9,430    
Proof Infantry Soldier Silver Dollar 92,803 93,262 459 0.49% 350,000
Uncirculated Infantry Soldier Silver Dollar 39,132 39,303 171 0.44%
Infantry Soldier Silver Dollar Defenders of Freedom Set 43,286 43,295 9 0.02%
2011-W Silver Eagle Uncirculated Coin 289,517 290,277 760 0.26% none
9/11 Silver Medal – W 101,746 101,912 166 0.16% 2 million
9/11 Silver Medal – P 64,715 64,813 98 0.15%
2011 Silver Proof Set 561,425 561,886 461 0.08% none
2012 America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set™ 109,767 110,591 824 0.75% none
2011 America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set™ 142,463 142,597 134 0.09% none
2011-P Gettysburg 5 Ounce Uncirculated Silver Coins 21,728 21,835 107 0.49% 35,000
2011-P Glacier 5 Ounce Uncirculated Silver Coins 18,284 18,362 78 0.43% 35,000
2011-P Olympic 5 Ounce Uncirculated Silver Coins 15,944 16,016 72 0.45% 35,000
2011-P Vicksburg 5 Ounce Uncirculated Silver Coins 15,949 16,052 103 0.65% 35,000
2011-P Chickasaw 5 Ounce Uncirculated Silver Coins 14,143 14,266 123 0.87% 35,000
2012-P El Yunque 5 Ounce Uncirculated Silver Coins   6,514     25,000


Monday, June 4, is the as of date for all the United States Mint collector coin sales above.

*The Star-Spangled Banner commemorative products are limited to 100,000 gold coins across all applicable product options, which includes the Two-Coin Set, while the silver coin limit is 500,000.

US Mint Sales: 2012 Bullion American Eagle Silver Coins

January* 6,107,000
February 1,490,000
March 2,542,000
April 1,520,000
May 2,875,000
June 190,000
Total 14,724,000


*These coin figures include a portion of the 2011-dated Eagle coins. Wednesday, June 6, is the as of date for bullion Eagles.

US Mint Sales: 2011-2012 America the Beautiful Bullion Silver Coins

Gettysburg 126,700
Glacier 126,700
Olympic 85,200
Vicksburg 38,600
Chickasaw 28,900
El Yunque 6,200


Tuesday, June 5, is the as of date for the bullion America the Beautiful Silver Coin sales figures above. Visit the silver coin guide for information on the above products.

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