Release Date Published for 2011 Anniversary Silver Eagle Set

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The United States Mint has published the release date for the 25th Anniversary American Silver Eagle Set via an online page at The set’s release is scheduled for Thursday, October 27.

2011 American Silver Eagle Anniversary Set

The United States on Thursday provided the following image of the 2011 American Silver Eagle Anniversary Set

As described in an earlier article, the Anniversary Silver Eagle Set will feature five coins, each sharing the same designs and specifications. Only the origin of production, mintmark, and finish will differ. The set will include:

  • a 2011 Silver Eagle Bullion Coin
  • a 2011-W Silver Eagle Proof Coin
  • a 2011-W Silver Eagle Uncirculated Coin
  • a 2011-S Silver Eagle Uncirculated Coin
  • and a 2011-P Silver Eagle Reverse Proof Coin

Since 1986, the United States Mint has been producing American Silver Eagle coins. The year started with annual bullion and proof issues — the bullion coin is intended for investors while the proof version is struck for coin collectors. In 2006, the Mint also began striking an uncirculated Eagle each year that is also intended for collectors. As such, the first three coins listed above are currently available for individual purchase. The last two have not been sold by themselves, or produced before for that matter.

Coins in the 25th Anniversary American Silver Eagle Set

Three of the five coins in the Anniversary Silver Eagle Set are already available individually from the United States Mint. They include the bullion, 2011-W proof and 2011-W uncirculated Silver Eagles shown in the above image.

It should be noted that the release date is subject to change, and at the time of this writing, the price of the anniversary set has not been disclosed. Its mintage, however, was stated to be 100,000 units and there will be an order limit of 5 sets per household.

Other silver items recently added to the Mint’s Scheduled Products Listing page include the Glacier and the Olympic 5 Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins┬áthat have been scheduled for October 25 and November 29, respectively. The Vicksburg and Chickasaw silver coin dates are still listed as TBD, or To Be Determined.

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