Transformer 3 Collector Silver Coins Available

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Transformers 3 collector silver coins are now available from The Perth Mint of Australia. Shown on the reverse of each of these silver coins is a colorful design of a fictional character taken from the upcoming summer movie release, Transformers: Dark of The Moon.

Transformer 3 Collector Silver Coins

Optimus, Bumblebee and Megatron Transformer 3 Collector Silver Coins from The Perth Mint of Australia

The three 2011 collector silver coins include the Optimus Prime Silver Proof Coin, the Bumblebee Silver Proof Coin and the Megatron Silver Proof Coin. Each of the three are composed of 99.9% pure silver.

Transformers first appeared in 1985 as a toy line from Hasbro featuring a hero faction of alien robots known as Autobots and their enemy, the Decepticons. The toys "transformed" from ordinary looking vehicles and aircraft into articulated robots who fired the imagination of many kids of the day.

Leading the heroic Autobots is Optimus Prime who is featured on one of the Transformers 3 collector pieces. He is colorfully depicted as if in mid-run with the Autobots logo beneath and the inscription of "Transformers" to the right. The collector Bumblebee Silver Proof Coin features the same basic layout and logo, but shows the character of Bumblebee instead.

Representing the Decepticons is the Megatron Silver Proof Coin. His appearance is given a darker and sinister look as he is colored with grays, browns and silvers, and is completed with a Decepticon logo underneath.

This release marks the second time in which The Perth Mint of Australia has struck Transformer collector silver coins. The first was in 2009 when it offered silver proof versions of Optimus Prime and Megatron as part of theĀ second movie release, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. These silver coins proved extremely popular as both gifts and additions to coin collections. The Perth Mint sold out their maximum mintage.

A mintage cap has also been placed on each of the 2011 Transformers 3 collector coins. According to The Perth Mint, no more than 5,000 of each design will be produced. At that number, an eventual sell-out seems likely based on the performances of the previous two silver coins.

The Perth Mint has the Transformers 3 coins each listed at a price of AUS $104.54 (approximately USD $110). It indicates that a limit of five coins per customer is in place. Each will ship in a clear display box with an illustrated shipper and a numbered certificate of authenticity.

The complete Transformers Coin Trio is also offered by The Perth Mint which includes all three silver coins for AUS $ 271.82.

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