US Mint Collector 2011 Silver Eagles, ATB Coins Return at Reduced Prices

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2011-W Proof and Uncirculated American Silver Eagle Coin

The 2011-W Proof and Uncirculated American Silver Eagles, shown above, are among the U.S. Mint products that are again available and at cheaper prices.

Sales of several silver collector products from the United States Mint have once again resumed following a suspension that had been in place for nearly two weeks. Some of the products have returned at their previous price points while others are now available at a lower price.

The returns follow the September 26 suspension that pulled from the Mint’s shelves the collector grade 2011 Silver Eagles, two America the Beautiful Five Ounce Uncirculated Coins and four annual silver sets. Their suspension was precipitated by declining silver prices which undoubtedly made the affected products much less enticing to potential customers.

The chart below shows the eight products affected by the suspension, their price before it occurred, their new price points and the change, if any:

Collector Coins Price Before Suspension Price After Suspension $ Change
2011 Proof American Silver Eagles $68.45 $58.95 -$9.50
2011 Uncirculated American Silver Eagles $60.45 $50.95 -$9.50
2010 ATB Mount Hood Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins $279.95 $229.95 -$50.00
2011 ATB Gettysburg Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coins $279.95 $229.95 -$50.00
2011 Silver Proof Set $67.95 $67.95 $0
2011 America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set $41.95 $41.95 $0
2010 Silver Proof Set $64.95 $64.95 $0
2010 America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set $39.95 $39.95 $0


The suspension was a new experience for both the United States Mint and its customers. Not that the Mint has not had to place many of its collector products on suspension in the past. In fact, it had done so on several occasions throughout the summer. However, those suspensions were the result of precious metal increases and, at times, resulted in the products coming back to availability at higher prices.

This last occurrence, however, was brought about by falling silver markets, as previously mentioned. The white metal had gone from a high earlier that month of over $42 an ounce to trading in the $28 range on the 26th of September — the date which the United States Mint halted sales of the numismatic products.

Now with the precious metal appearing to have somewhat stabilized, the Mint has returned the affected products to availability. As shown in the chart above, four of the products remained at the previous prices and four of the products saw significant declines.

Perhaps most notable among those changes is the $50 cut in the price of the two America the Beautiful Five Ounce Coins currently available — the 2010 Mount Hood Silver Coin and the 2011 Gettysburg Silver Coin. That adjustment brings the new price of the coins down to $229.95 each, making them more attractive to customers as the premium above their melt values is more bearable.

Visit the United States Mint website at or this site’s silver coins information section for details on any of the above collector products.

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