US Mint Sales: 2011 Silver Proof Set Leads

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US Army Silver Dollar Proof and Uncirculated CoinsAlthough the US Army Silver Dollar Commemorative Coins were the newest release, collectors scooped up more 2011 Silver Proof Sets than the Army silver coins combined, the latest United States Mint sales figures revealed.

24,630 of the new Silver Proof Sets sold in this round, which was higher than the previous report’s weekly gain of 23,151. The 2011 set has only been on the market about 18 days, and usually sales decline for a longer period before their weekly sales start to fluctuate. Regardless of why sales outperformed, the new total hit 257,148.

The combined US Army Silver Dollar weekly sales came to 20,061. The proofs lead with 14,541 and the uncirculated had 5,520. Their new sales figures ended up at 61,436 and 26,218, respectively. Altogether, collectors have taken in 87,654 of the new silver commemoratives.

Rounding out the numismatic products were the 2010 Silver Proof Set and the 2010 America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set. The first one climbed another 3,532 in this report and the other advanced 1,162.

Demand has been steady for bullion Silver American Eagles. Authorized Purchasers bought 833,500 in the last six days compared to the 847,000 reported previously. February’s total easily cleared the one million milestone and is resting at 1,730,500. So far, 8,152,500 Silver Eagles have sold in 2011.

The following are the latest silver coin product sales figures:

Numismatic Silver Coins US Mint Sales

Previous Sales
New Sales
Unit Increase
% Increase
Mintage Limit
2011 Army Silver Dollar Proof 46,895 61,436 14,541 31.01% 87,654 of 500,000
2011 Army Silver Dollar Uncirculated 20,698 26,218 5,520 26.67%
2011 US Mint Silver Proof Set 232,518 257,148 24,630 10.59% none
2010 US Mint Silver Proof Set 532,306 535,838 3,532 0.66% none
2010 America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set™ 235,521 236,683 1,162 0.49% none
2010 Proof American Silver Eagles 860,000 860,000 0 0% none


Sunday, February 13, is the "as of date" for the US Mint collector coin sales figures shown above.


2011 Silver Eagles US Mint Sales

January* 6,422,000
February 1,730,500
Total 8,152,500


*Wednesday, February 16, is the "as of date" for the bullion eagle numbers. The sales figures include 469,500 of the 2010-dated Silver Eagles sold.

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