2009 Lincoln Commemorative Silver Dollars: The Coins, Prices, Images and History

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2009 Abraham Lincoln Commemorative Silver DollarThe bicentennial celebration of Abraham Lincoln’s birth kicked off in earnest on his birthday, Thursday, Feb. 12, with the launch of the 2009 Lincoln Commemorative Silver Dollars and the release of the first of four newly designed Lincoln cents. The release of four new First-Class Lincoln commemorative stamps on Monday, Feb. 9, started the celebratory ball rolling.

The life of Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln (February 12, 1809 – April 15, 1865) was the 16th President of the United States, and is often ranked 1st or 2nd — sometimes following George Washington — by Americans when asked who was the greatest president.

Lincoln led the Nation through the Civil War, issued the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 that declared forever free those slaves within the Confederacy, and promoted the passage of the Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution, which abolished slavery and was passed several months after Lincoln was assassination at Ford’s Theatre in Washington by John Wilkes Booth.

The whitehouse.gov Lincoln biography recites a passage Lincoln wrote about his youth five months before receiving his party’s nomination for President:

"I was born Feb. 12, 1809, in Hardin County, Kentucky. My parents were both born in Virginia, of undistinguished families–second families, perhaps I should say. My mother, who died in my tenth year, was of a family of the name of Hanks…. My father … removed from Kentucky to … Indiana, in my eighth year…. It was a wild region, with many bears and other wild animals still in the woods. There I grew up…. Of course when I came of age I did not know much. Still somehow, I could read, write, and cipher … but that was all."

Lincoln married Mary Todd on November 4, 1842. He had four boys, but only the first son, Robert, lived to adulthood. Mary died on July 16, 1882, more than 17 years after Lincoln was assassinated.

Commemorative stamps

The 42-cent stamps — officially unveiled Monday at the Old State Capitol State Historic Site in Springfield, IL — chronicle Lincoln’s life as a rail-splitter, lawyer, politician and a president. The stamp art was drawn by Mark Summers of Waterdown, Ontario, Canada.

Lincoln Bicentennial First Class Commemorative 42-Cent Stamps

Four 2009 Lincoln cents

In similar fashion, the four 2009 Lincoln cent designs also depict major aspects of Lincoln’s life: his birth and childhood in Kentucky, his formative years in Indiana, his professional life in Illinois and his Presidency in Washington, D.C.

2009 Lincoln Penny Images

When the 2009 Lincoln cent designs were revealed, United States Mint Director Ed Moy said:

"This is a momentous occasion in the history of our Nation’s coinage because these designs represent the first change in the Lincoln cent in half a century.

These coins are a tribute to one of our greatest Presidents whose legacy has had a lasting impact on our country.  He believed all men were created equal, and his life was a model for accomplishing the American dream through honesty, integrity, loyalty, and a lifetime of education."

The cents beautifully portray facets of Lincoln’s life, with the first cent officially launched into circulation on Feb. 12, at the Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historic Site, in Hodgenville, Kentucky. (See large 2009 Lincoln Penny images, or the website dedicated to the coins, 2009 Lincoln Pennies.)

Lincoln Silver Dollar Coins and Prices

The commemorative silver coins are struck in both proof and uncirculated versions and have a different theme compared to the cents or stamps. Lincoln Silver Dollar designs were revealed by the Mint on November 19 during the annual Dedication Day Ceremony at Soldiers’ National Cemetery in Gettysburg.

The timing was particularly appropriate as it was the 145th anniversary of the cemetery’s dedication by Lincoln and his historic Gettysburg Address. The final words of which are inscribed within a laurel wreath on the Lincoln silver dollar reverse.


The reverse was designed and executed by United States Mint Sculptor-Engraver Phebe Hemphill.

The obverse, or "heads" side of the coin portrays Lincoln, and was inspired by Daniel Chester French’s famous sculpture of the President inside the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. It was designed by Justin Kunz and engraved by Don Everhart.

Abraham Lincoln Silver Dollar Coin Specifications on US Mint Certificate of AuthenticityLincoln Silver Dollar Coin Specifications

Coin specifications follow, as provided by the United States Mint:

Mint: Philadelphia
Condition: Proof or Uncirculated
Weight: 26.730 grams nominal
Diameter: 1.500 inches (+-0.003) or 38.10 mm (+-0.08)
Composition: 90% silver, 10% copper
Mintage Limit: 500,000 (all options)

Silver coin prices and order details

[***Update: The US Mint inventory of individual proof and uncirculated coins has sold out. For more information, read 2009 Lincoln Silver Dollars Commanding Premiums.]

For more information or to place online orders, visit the United States Mint product pages with the following introductory prices:

Abraham Lincoln Commemorative Proof Silver Dollar – $37.95

Abraham Lincoln Commemorative Uncirculated Silver Dollar $31.95

Introductory pricing will be available from the first day of sale until March 16, 2009, at 5:00 pm ET. After, the following prices will be in affect:

Introductory Price
Regular Price
Proof Lincoln $1
Uncirculated Lincoln $1
Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set**

* Up to 500,000 across all product options, including the special set. ** The price and launch date for the special US Mint Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set is Oct. 15 at noon ET.

The US Mint will also accept orders for the Abraham Lincoln Commemorative Silver Dollar at www.usmint.gov or at 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

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2009 Lincoln Silver Dollar Images

Proof Lincoln Silver Dollar Image

2009 Abraham Lincoln Silver Dollar Proof Coin

Uncirculated Lincoln Silver Dollar Image

2009 Abraham Lincoln Silver Dollar Uncirculated Coin


13 Responses to “2009 Lincoln Commemorative Silver Dollars: The Coins, Prices, Images and History”
  1. sue clark says:

    I need one each of the proof and uncirculTED LINCOLN SILVER DOLLARS!

  2. Kay says:

    You can buy the Lincoln Silver Dollars through the links above. The cents are hard to come by. The mint doesn’t sell any (at least yet) and many banks do not have them. 2009 circulating pennies should be plentiful several months ahead.

  3. jj says:

    what is the weight of this coin ?

  4. Silver Coins Today Staff says:

    jj, thanks for the comment! We’ve updated the page to include the coin specifications. (The weight for either the proof or uncirculated coin is 26.730 grams.)

  5. Chet says:

    Well, it is Feb 28 and the Silver Dollar is going for 150 or more on ebay! I ordered 2 from the mint. This has got to be the neatest coin I ever seen.
    Buckner MO

  6. don says:

    Just received my Lincoln dollar from the mint. This coin is awsome in design and luster. The image of Lincoln is breath taking, the mint hit a Home run with this coin.

  7. Dallas Steely says:

    Considering the mint won’t start shipping the Lincoln dollar until March 13, 2009 you couldn’t possibly have one,.

  8. Silver Coins Today Staff says:

    Actually, many thousands have already shipped. The Mint simply is in “backorder” status now for new orders, which has become common.

  9. johnny says:

    Actually I receive my both the proof and uncirculated on 3/2/09 directly from the Mint. However, I place the order early on the release date, though.

  10. Vidal says:

    To all those who may think that no one has received the 2009 Lincoln commemorative silver dollar, you are wrong. I placed an order when the mint first made it available to order, I placed the order, forgot about it and one day on my doorstep was a box that had no indication of from the mint (not packaged in the typical box the mint normally sends) and inside this over-sized box was the 2009 Lincoln PROOF commemorative silver dollar…. I am very glad I placed that order because this is the COMMEMORATIVE OF ALL COMMEMORATIVES… This coin is without a doubt the best looking coin I’ve seen let alone the reverse with words that give me chills every time I read them. People back then knew how to phrase with feeling!!!!!! I checked the mint and it seems they have stopped filling orders until sometime in April. My guess is: there must be a shortage of “SOMETHING” can you say Ag.????

  11. Dallas Steely says:

    Pardon my ignorance. I was just late getting my order in. I didn’t know they had already shipped some. I can’t wait to get mine. Thanks for the info.

  12. steve from ohio says:

    i got one of each coins the best coins i have ever seen and the best part of the gettysburg address on reverse side and i believe it is the first coin to show both eyes of president on any coin

  13. Rich says:

    We received our first Lincoln Commemorative toward the end of March, liked it so much that we ordered three more and was notified yesterday that they had been shipped. Same experience as Vidal, one coin in a very large box.

    Beautiful commemorative coin, great detail!

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