Austria Railway of the Future Silver Coins Issued

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Railway of the Future Silver CoiThe Austrian Mint has created another beautifully detailed piece to conclude its six coin 20-euro Austria Railways Commemorative Series. The Railway of the Future silver coin exemplifies the attention to detail that has caught the eye of many numismatists around the world.

As the name of the coin implies, this proof quality coin identifies what the mint in Vienna feels is the future of the train industry, both for Austria and for the world.

The obverse (heads side) contains an image of Austria’s new pride and joy, the ‘Railjet.’ This sleek new high-speed passenger train went into service within the last year to provide quick and comfortable transportation between Budapest, Vienna and Munich. Outfitted with modern luxuries, the Railjet even has a mobile cellular repeater to insure good signal while onboard.

The silver coin shows the Railjet speeding out of a low tunnel on its way to its next destination. While the train itself is understandably clean looking, the detail of the coin can been seen in the rock under the rail and the landscape that surrounds the area. Also seen on the obverse is the denomination of the coin, 20 Euro and Republic Osterich 2009 (Republic of Austria).

Shown on the reverse is the Mints philosophy that future railway growth must include modernization of existing railways stations in the country to facilitate the changes that will come. One of these changes is the shift of cargo handling from the roads to the rails, and as such a freight yard is shown with heavily loaded cars, tanks and containers. Seen in the forefront is an electric shunting locomotive used for the local yard work of assembling the long trains before they depart for their location. Once again, amazing detail is present with each and every railcar shown.

Composed of 90% silver, the coin designed by Th. Pesendorfer and H. Andexlinger weighs 18 grams and has a diameter of 34mm. A maximum of only 50,000 of the coins will be struck in proof quality only. The Railway of the Future coin is available now for $64.50 and may be ordered through the Austrian Mint website.

Austrian Railway of the Future silver coin image

Austria Railway of the Future Silver Coin - Click to Enlarge

Austria Railway of the Future Silver Coin - Click to Enlarge

Railway of the Future silver coin specifications

Type: Silver, 900/1000 Ag
Finish: Proof
Diameter: 34 mm
Fine Weight: 18 g
Mintage: 50,000
Face Value: 20 euro
Designer: Th. Pesendorfer/H. Andexlinger


About the Austrian Mint

The Austrian Mint is situated in the heart of Vienna and is the official minting authority for Austria with a 800 year history.

The Mint is the source for all Austrian Euro and Cent coins, whether they are intended for shopping, as an investment or for collection. Before the Euro, the Schilling and Groschen coins were minted, and before that – during the monarchy – Crowns, Guilders and Ducats were struck by the Austrian Mint.

The company is located close to the centre at the Vienna Stadtpark in a Biedermeier building erected under Emperor Ferdinand I. from 1835 to 1837. Today it accommodates one of the most modern mints in the world.

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