Du Lieber Augustin Silver Coin Ends “Legends of Austria” Series

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The Austrian Mint has released the sixth and final issue of its popular "Legends of Austria" series. The Du Lieber Augustin Silver Coin was released last month and is available now in either proof or special uncirculated condition.

Legends of Austria Du Lieber Augustin Silver Coin

Legends of Austria Du Lieber Augustin Silver Coin

Each of the Du Lieber Augustin Silver Coins is struck from sterling silver, or .925 fine. According to the Austrian Mint, maximum mintages on the strikes will be 40,000 of the proof coins and 30,000 of the uncirculated.

Du Lieber Augustin Silver Coin Design and Specifications

The coins feature designs emblematic of the legend of "Du Lieber Augustin," a melancholy song composed during a reoccurrence of the black plague which occurred during the Middle Ages. It is credited to musician Marx Augustin (1643 – 1685) who made his living playing to the public in the streets or public houses of Vienna. Acknowledging the sorrowful nature of the times, Augustin wrote the following words:

"O, my dear friend Augustin, Augustin, Augustin,
O, my dear friend Augustin, I just can’t win!
Money’s gone, girlfriend’s gone, I just can’t win,
Augustin! O, my dear friend Augustin, I just can’t win!
Coat is gone, staff is gone, Augustin’s is lost.
O, my dear friend Augustin, I just can’t win!

Even the town of Vienna, broke like Augustin;
shed tears with thoughts akin, I just can’t win!
Every day was a fest, now we just have the pest
Now all the corpses rest, that is the rest.
Augustin, Augustin, lay down in your grave!
O, my dear friend Augustin, I just can’t win!"

According to legend, Augustin was making his way along the streets of Vienna one evening after having drank too much. He fell asleep along the side of the road and was mistaken the next morning for a corpse which had succumbed to the plague. His body was thrown in a cart with other dead souls and carted to a pit for burial. Finally, Augustin awoke before being buried alive.

The obverse of the Du Lieber Augustin Silver Coins shows this joyous scene as Augustin is depicted waking up to play his bagpipes as a stunned but happy mortician looks on. The inscription of "REPUBLIK OESTERREICH" tops the scene with the additional inscriptions of "2011" and "10 Euro" also shown on the obverse.

The reverse of the coin shows Augustin entertaining some of the Vienna locals in an outdoor pub. Behind the scene, St. Stephens (the cathedral of the City of Vienna) is shown. The only reverse inscription is "DU LIEBER AUGUSTIN."

Previous strikes in the series recalled other Austrian legends including the 2009 Basilisk of Vienna Coin, the 2009 Richard the Lionheart in Dürnstein Coin, the 2010 Erzberg in Styria Coin, the 2010 Charlemagne in the Untersberg Coin and the 2011 The Lindwurm in Klagenfutrt Coin.

About the Austrian Mint

The Austrian Mint is situated in the heart of Vienna and is the official minting authority for Austria with a 800 year history.

The Mint is the source for all Austrian Euro and Cent coins, whether they are intended for shopping, as an investment or for collection. Before the Euro, the Schilling and Groschen coins were minted, and before that — during the monarchy — Crowns, Guilders and Ducats were struck by the Austrian Mint.

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