Silver Surges During First Week of March 2010

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Weekly Silver UpdateSilver prices have rallied for four straight weekly gains, with the first week of March notably coming in with respective New York and London increases of 5.2% and 7.0%.

For current prices, New York silver futures for May delivery ended at $17.38 an ounce on Friday, soaring 86 cents this week. London silver was fixed at $17.25 an ounce, surging $1.13 cents since last Friday.

For the silver quote of the week, we take an excerpt from Jon Nadler, senior analyst at Kitco Metals, Inc. Mr. Nadler made the following observations/comments on Wednesday:

We revert to Roubini Global Economics, whose analysts feel that "Although silver’s long-term fundamentals point to a life of underperformance versus gold, the metal might well outperform in the short-term."

Roubini analysts point to technical as well as fundamental drivers — which, in their opinion — have built a case for a silver rally. They also make a case for the fact that "silver’s higher price volatility as compared to gold’s price volatility opens up short-term opportunities for higher capital gains."

We, of course, approach the white metal (as we do gold) mainly from the perspective of fundamentals. Not a bad perspective at the moment, albeit it is still a market in surplus.

Roubini observers opine that: "silver is better placed than gold to enjoy the global recovery in industrial production. While non-investment demand accounts for 94% of total demand for silver, non-investment demand accounts for only 62% of total demand for gold. Silver has several large-scale industrial uses — photography, silverware, solar panels, etc. — whereas the physical use of gold lies mostly in jewelry."

The RGE analysts added that: "Meanwhile, alternative uses for silver have been rising, particularly as demand from the photography industry dwindles due to the shift toward digital cameras. The establishment of new silver exchange-traded funds (ETFs) could also tweak the metal’s price drivers."

London precious metal weekly prices follow:

London Fix Precious Metal Prices

2/26/2010 1112.50 1108.25 16.12 1540.00 1533.00 430.00 430.00
3/5/2010 1135.00 1135.00 17.25 1577.00 1578.00 465.00 466.00


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