US Mint Sales: Collector Silver Products Rally, American Silver Eagles Explode

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US Mint silver coin salesThe latest round of United States Mint weekly sales figures are in and they show collectors focused on the newly released 2010 Boy Scouts of America Centennial Silver Dollars. The coins are sprinting out Mint doors, as are bullion American Silver Eagles.

The Boy Scouts coins were launched on Tuesday, March 23. By Saturday morning, March 27, an impressive 200,000 were sold. By Sunday, the total reached 214,673. With a 350,000 mintage limit, these coins look like they will sell out. Split across the two options, collectors have purchased 144,732 of the proof silver coins and 69,941 of the uncirculated silver coins.

The BSA commemoratives have already passed the Disabled American Veterans Silver Dollars, which were the first commemorative coins released this year (back on February 25, 2010). Their latest tally is 181,052. These dollars, along with all the other silver products from the Mint, enjoyed week-over-week gains. Proofs advanced 10,007 versus 9,098 and the uncirculated option improved 4,677 compared to 3,334.

Last week’s report showed that American Silver Eagle bullion coins had not moved since March 15, 2010. They were stuck at 1.9 million for the month. What a difference a few days make. As of Monday, March 29, the Mint indicates a whopping 3,321,500 have been sold, making March one of the best months ever for the series which debuted back in 1986. Year-to-date sales are now at 8,964,000.

The following tables provide the latest sales breakouts:

US Mint Numismatic Silver Coins Sales

(Sales compare previous to current Mint figures)

Previous Sales
New Sales
Unit Increase
% Increase
Mintage Limit
2010 American Veterans Disabled for Life Silver Dollar Proof 116,414 126,421 10,007 8.60% 181,052 of 350,000
2010 American Veterans Disabled for Life Silver Dollar Uncirculated 49,954 54,631 4,677 9.36%
2010 Boy Scouts of America Centennial Silver Dollar Proof 144,732 214,673 of 350,000
2010 Boy Scouts of America Centennial Silver Dollar Uncirculated 69,941
2009 US Mint Silver Proof Set 670,532 673,616 3,084 0.46% none
2009 Quarters Silver Proof Set 275,134 275,801 667 0.24% none


Sunday, March 28, 2010, is the "as of date" for the US Mint collector coin sales figures shown above.

American Silver Eagle Bullion Coin Sales: March 2010

Mar 3
Mar 10
Mar 15
Mar 24
Mar 29


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