US Silver Bullion Coins Log Best Ever October Sales

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2012 American Silver Eagle Bullion Coin

Demand for American Eagle silver bullion coins continued to hold strong in October, earning a place in the top fifteen all-time monthly sales. In addition, the sales total positioned the month as the best ever October through the Silver Eagle’s twenty-seven year history.

According to U.S. Mint sales data, 3,153,000 of the 99.9% fine silver coins were ordered by Mint distributors last month even as silver prices plunged. That places October 2012 as the fourteenth best month since the American Eagle program launched in 1986.

The table below shows top Silver Eagle sales months:

Best Ever American Eagle Silver Coin Sales Months

Position Month Sales
1 January 2011 6,422,000
2 January 2012 6,107,000
3 September 2011 4,460,500
4 November 2012 4,260,000
5 December 1986 3,696,000
6 August 2011 3,679,500
7 May 2011 3,653,500
8 May 2010 3,636,500
9 January 2010 3,592,500
10 June 2011 3,402,000
11 March 2012 3,381,000
12 September 2012 3,255,000
13 February 2011 3,240,000
14 October 2012 3,153,000
15 October 2010 3,150,000


As the table above also shows, last month was the best ever October as it narrowly outpaced October 2010 with its sales of 3,150,000. Third in that list is October 2011 when 3,064,000 Eagles were sold.

Sales have held at relatively strong levels all year long. As the next table highlights, the best month this year was January when 6,107,000 Silver Eagles were ordered. The second best month was September when sales reached 3,255,000, followed by last month’s 3,153,000.

2012 Sales of American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins

Month Sales
January 6,107,000
February 1,490,000
March 2,542,000
April 1,520,000
May 2,875,000
June 2,858,000
July 2,278,000
August 2,870,000
September 3,255,000
October 3,153,000


Adding all the months together, year-to-date sales are 28,948,000. At that level, 2012 is already the third best year for the program. Sales will need to remain robust for 2012 to move to the second spot, however. That slot is currently held by 2010 when buyers snapped up 34,662,500. To beat it, both November and December will need average sales of over 2,857,250 coins.

America the Beautiful 5 Ounce Silver Bullion Coin Sales

Investors and collectors also spent money on America the Beautiful 5 Ounce Silver Bullion Coins. Out in front with sales of 12,500 were 2012 Denali National Park 5 oz. Silver Bullion Coins. They were just released on October 22, 2012. Offered below are sales of all available bullion ATB 5 Ounce Silver Coins.

  October Sales All-Time Total
2012 Denali National Park 5 oz. Silver Bullion Coins 12,500 12,500
2012 Hawaii Volcanoes National Park 5 oz. Silver Bullion Coins 4,600 15,000
2012 Acadia National Park 5 oz. Silver Bullion Coins 3,800 21,800
2012 Chaco Culture National Historical Park 5 oz. Silver Bullion Coins 1,000 18,200
2012 El Yunque National Forest 5 oz. Silver Bullion Coins 200 18,100
2011 Chickasaw National Recreation Area 5 oz. Silver Bullion Coins 0 29,700
2011 Vicksburg National Military Park 5 oz. Silver Bullion Coins 0 39,500
2011 Olympic National Park 5 oz. Silver Bullion Coins 0 85,900
TOTAL 22,100 240,700


October Collector Silver Coin Sales

The United States Mint did not release any silver coin products during the month of October. That did not stop collectors from purchasing many of those previously released, however.

Among the leaders in numismatic coin sales were 2012-W Proof American Silver Eagles. Total sales of the coin now equal 795,915 according to U.S. Mint data, an increase of more than 50,000 for the month.

On Monday, November 5, 2012, the U.S. Mint will release its numismatic Denali National Park 5 oz. Silver Uncirculated Coin for $229.95. At 12:00 noon ET, visit the Mint’s website at to place an order. This page about the Denali coin also offers information on the series.

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