US Mint Sales – Silver Eagles Top 21 Million, Veterans Proof Climb

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US Mint silver coin salesSales were mixed for silver coins, breaking a two-week streak where every U.S. Mint silver product increased over the prior week. But there was a stand out in addition to the American Silver Eagle coins that seem to fly out Mint doors 24×7.

One coin did outperformed its prior week’s gain, and that was the proof 2010 Disabled American Veterans Silver Dollar. They advanced 986 compared to the previous gain of 672. The uncirculated tacked on 261, which was slightly lower than 269 from the last report. Together, the two coins increased 1,247. The commemoratives are at 62.8% of their maximum 350,000 mintage.

The 2010 America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set™ posted another good week. Although sales were slower, rising 5,943 compared to 7,261 before, the set remained the most popular silver numismatic product. That has been the case since its release 10 weeks ago. The sets have reached 149,015.

Unfortunately, there was not an update for the 2009 DC and Territories Quarters Silver Proof Set even though it is still on the Mint’s web site.

There was an update for the 2010 Boy Scouts of America Silver Dollars. The proof Boy Scouts dollars sold out in June, but the Mint at the time implemented a waiting list option for any new orders. If an older order was canceled or there was a processing issue, the Mint could select a replacement order from the waiting or standby list. On Wednesday afternoon, August 4, the Mint officially made the "sold out" call. The Boy Scouts coins are no longer available.

Bullion American Silver Eagles rose 604,500 since the last report, but only part of that counted in July’s total. Just 19,000 shy of 3 million, July sales reached 2,981,000 and became the fifth best selling month this year. But that is a bit misleading, as 2010 has been an unprecedented year for silver bullion coins. More to the point, July 2010 was the seventh best month ever for the Silver Eagles since they debuted in 1986. As a smaller footnote, the month was the best July ever for them as well. August starts with 275,500 sold. Their year to date total it is already 21,425,000. All the signs are showing that this will be the eagles’ best year ever.

The following are the latest silver product sales figures:

US Mint Numismatic Silver Coins Sales

Previous Sales
New Sales
Unit Increase
% Increase
Mintage Limit
2010 American Veterans Disabled for Life Silver Dollar Proof 153,208 154,194 986 0.64% 219,705 of 350,000
2010 American Veterans Disabled for Life Silver Dollar Uncirculated 65,250 65,511 261 0.40%
2010 Boy Scouts of America Centennial Silver Dollar Proof 245,000 245,000 0 0.00% 350,000 of 350,000
2010 Boy Scouts of America Centennial Silver Dollar Uncirculated 105,000 105,000 0 0.00%
2010 America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set™ 143,072 149,015 5,943 4.15% none
2009 US Mint Silver Proof Set 694,406 694,406 0 0.00% none
2009 Quarters Silver Proof Set 286,106 286,106 0 0.00% none


Sunday, August 1, 2010 is the "as of date" for the US Mint collector coin sales figures shown above.

2010 American Silver Eagle Bullion Sales

January 3,592,500
February 2,050,000
March 3,381,000
April 2,507,500
May 3,636,500
June 3,001,000
July 2,981,000
August 275,500
Total 21,425,000


Thursday, August 5 is the "as of date" for the bullion eagle numbers.

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