US Mint Silver Coin Sales Rise Across the Board

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US Mint silver coin sales statsIt is rare when it can be said that the US Mint’s entire collection of silver coin products improved over prior weekly gains. That is exactly what happened according to the latest United States Mint sales report covering from Nov. 30 to Dec. 6.

Sales were driven higher during the period by record silver prices, traditional holiday purchases, and collector recognition that several commemorative coin offerings would soon be gone forever.

As for the latter, Braille product sales end on Friday, Dec. 11, at 5:00 PM ET. With that in mind, sales of each of the four Braille silver dollar options climbed at the fastest pace in weeks. The standalone proof and uncirculated coins jumped 2,171 and 652, respectively. The Braille Education Set added another 695. The Uncirculated Easy-Open Capsule option advanced 538. Combining them all, the US Mint sold more than 4,000 Braille’s during the week, bringing the year-to-date total to 217,874. That is a solid figure but well shy of the 400,000 the Mint is authorized to sell.

The 2009 Silver Proof Set was the biggest unit gainer in collectible coins. The annual set is always popular around Christmas. It rose by 14,845 compared to the last 9,590 weekly increase. The product also leaped over the 600,000 milestone by 6,112.

Silver Eagle sales resumed on Monday. The bullion coins were suspended in late November due to a depleted inventory. Buyers registered a massive single day 1,012,500 sales count on Monday, bringing the eagles over the 27 million mark — the newest all-time annual high. 27,045,500 Silver Eagles have been sold by the US Mint in 2009.

The following two tables have the latest US Mint stats for collector silver coins and sets and bullion silver eagles.

US Mint Collector Silver Coins Sales

(Sales compare previous to current Mint figures)

Previous Sales
New Sales
Unit Increase
% Increase
Mintage Limit
2009 Lincoln Silver Proof* 325,000 325,000 0 0.00%
2009 Lincoln Silver Uncirculated* 125,000 125,000 0 0.00%
Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set* 50,000 0 0 0.00%
2009 Braille Silver Proof 133,064 135,235 2,171 1.63% 400,000
2009 Braille Silver Uncirculated 48,211 48,863 652 1.35%
Braille Uncirculated in Easy-Open Capsule 22,540 23,078 538 2.39%
Braille Education Set 10,003 10,698 695 6.95%
2009 US Mint Silver Proof Set 591,267 606,112 14,845 2.51% none
2009 Quarters Silver Proof Set 257,281 260,083 2,802 1.09% none
2008 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set 89,716 91,116 1,400 1.56%
2008 American Eagle Silver Dollar Proof*
2008 American Eagle Silver Dollar Uncirculated*


*Silver coin products with an asterisk are no longer available. Prior year products are listed until replaced by the new year offering, or for reference. Sunday, Dec. 6, is the "as of date" for the US Mint collector coin sales figures shown above.

2009 Silver Eagle Bullion Coin Sales in October

Dec 2
Dec 9
Dec 16
Dec 23
Dec 30


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  1. The Mint also has on sale the DC & Territory Quarters in SILVER uncirculated set for 29.95. To my knowledge these are the only quarters in silver

  2. I stand CORRECTED – it is a Proof Set and you have it indicated already. Please retract my earlier comment.

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