US Mint Silver Coin Sales: Old Uncirculated Set and Eagles Lead

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US Mint silver coin sales statsDemand for two of the three numismatic sets currently offered by the United States Mint retreated while bullion Silver Eagles surged, according to the latest US Mint weekly sales data.

It is the end of the 2009-dated eagles. The Mint sold out of their remaining inventory on Tuesday morning. Mint authorized purchasers had ordered 236,500 more since last Wednesday’s report, bringing the total sold since the beginning of 2009 to 29,134,000. That is nearly nine million more than the 2008-dated silver coins which held the previous annual record. The Mint is set to release the 2010 eagles on Tuesday, Jan. 19.

Of the remaining three silver sets still sold by the Mint, only the 2008-dated Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set performed better, rising 1,269 compared to the prior weekly gain of 1,221. The set is the only away to purchase an uncirculated American Eagle Silver coin directly from the Mint, as the collector 2009s were canceled. (For more, read the October article: US Mint Uncirculated Silver Eagles Still on Sale.)

Silver coins for 2010 have not yet been issued. Most of the 2009 silver coin products are either sold out or no longer available, as the following tables of sales highlights.

US Mint Collector Silver Coins Sales

(Sales compare previous to current Mint figures)

Previous Sales
New Sales
Unit Increase
% Increase
Mintage Limit
2009 Lincoln Silver Proof* 325,000 0 0 0.00%
2009 Lincoln Silver Uncirculated* 125,000 0 0 0.00%
Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set* 50,000 0 0 0.00%
2009 Braille Silver Proof* 135,235 0 0 0.00% 400,000
2009 Braille Silver Uncirculated* 48,863 0 0 0.00%
Braille Uncirculated in Easy-Open Capsule* 23,078 0 0 0.00%
Braille Education Set* 10,698 0 0 0.00%
2009 US Mint Silver Proof Set 641,775 645,893 4,118 0.64% none
2009 Quarters Silver Proof Set 267,352 268,320 968 0.36% none
2008 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set 95,786 97,055 1,269 1.32%
2008 American Eagle Silver Dollar Proof*
2008 American Eagle Silver Dollar Uncirculated*


*Silver coin products with an asterisk are no longer available. Prior year products are listed until replaced by the new year offering, or for reference. Sunday, Jan. 10, is the "as of date" for the US Mint collector coin sales figures shown above.

2009-Dated Silver Eagle Bullion Coin Sales in Jan 2010

Jan 6
Jan 13
Jan 20
Jan 27


As a reminder, 2010-dated bullion Silver Eagles will go on sale Jan. 19. No announcement has been made for the numismatic proof and uncirculated versions.


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  1. Chip says:

    IMO the 2008 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Coin Set should go “no longer available.”

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